Kailua Town Revitalization

Kailua is a town with a laid-back, beachside lifestyle that has kept its appeal through the decades. Home to many, daytime destination for others, Kailua Town has managed to grow sensibly without losing sight of its rich history and unique sense of place.

The long-term vision for the revitalization of Kailua Town is grounded in three guiding themes developed with input from the Kailua community:
Create inviting gathering spaces
Celebrate the diverse heritage and history of Kailua
Create a thriving place that enhances the vitality of the community

Over the next several years, updates on the broader long-term vision for Kailua Town will be provided. Planning is underway to revitalize and replace dated buildings, create open spaces, increase walkability within the commercial center, and make new community-focused dining, retail and service options available on the Windward-side of Oahu. The Lau Hala Shops is the first phase of A&B’s long-term vision for its Kailua Town holdings, which seeks to redevelop thoughtfully and responsibly the A&B-owned properties within the commercial core of Kailua.

The Lau Hala Shops