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Driving through Kailua Town, one can’t help but be charmed by its casual, beach town environment. But beneath its laid-back façade, Kailua is an active community in every sense.

Whether it’s an early morning workout along Kailua Town’s network of bike and jogging paths, an afternoon paddling practice across Kailua Bay, or just soaking up the sun and salt water with the kids in tow, folks are always out and about taking advantage of the natural beauty that surrounds this Windward Oahu destination.

It is also a community that is actively involved in preserving its heritage and shaping its future.

Residents and businesses are engaged in beautification and preservation projects, coaching youth sports teams, supporting local fundraisers, and organizing the many events that have become Kailua traditions. The legendary Kailua Fourth of July Parade, Kailua Town’s annual Christmas light displays, farmers markets, outdoor concerts and plays, and the perennially popular “I Love Kailua” Town Party are among the activities that bring this community together in service or celebration.

Kailua is a place where neighbors know each other and where you are almost guaranteed to run into a friend in a grocery store aisle or in line at the post office.