Kailua Tour Bus Statement

February 14, 2019

Alexander & Baldwin is sensitive to the impacts of tourism and traffic in the Kailua community. On Wednesday, Feb. 13, a tour operator parked approximately a dozen tour buses on our property in Kailua Town without our knowledge. While we do allow a few buses on our property at a time, we have been in contact with the tour operator and informed them that what happened on Wednesday is not an acceptable use of our parking facilities. A&B apologizes to our tenants and Kailua neighbors for the inconvenience and wants to assure them we are working with the tour operator to ensure this does not happen again.

Several years ago, the previous owner of the Kailua Town commercial district, started the practice of allowing tour buses to park on its property. At that time, members of the community were frustrated that tour buses would park at Kailua District Park and drop off passengers on residential streets. The community preferred to have the tour buses park in the commercial district. A&B inherited this practice when it purchased the commercial properties from Kaneohe Ranch in 2013.

For questions regarding this issue, please contact kailuafeedback@abhi.com.


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